Taiwan PASIWALI Festival

Pasiwali is a word from the Amis tribe, which is one of aboriginal tribes in Taiwan. It means go to the east. East is the direction which the sun rises, eastern Taiwan also the place which raises many Taiwan aboriginal tribe.

Taiwan PASIWALI Festival is a trip of tribal music and austronesian boats that reaches 100,000 kilometres distance long. You can imagine yourself go back in time, following aboriginal people’s footsteps and taking on a crescent moon shaped boat. Then you will will follow them rowing the boat from eastern coast in Huadong to the pacific ocean, and then to Madacascar in the indian ocean. During the journey the boat will go up and down along high ocean waves. All of this will show you the austronesian culture and their brave, adventurous and romantic spirit.





Mass transit

1 - Get off at Taitung Railway Station and take a bus or taxi
2 - Aircraft
Take domestic airlines to "Taidong Air Station" and transfer to bus or taxi
3 - Bus
Air Station - Xiaoyeliu Line
Air station - transfer station line
Railway Station - Xiaoyeliu Line
Railway station - transfer station line
Urban area - circulation line



General vehicles are prohibited from entering the forest park.

If there is a need for parking, 「Mahengheng Blvd」near Taitung Forest Park is available.
It is divided into two parking areas for scooters and cars.

Latest News
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